This is a super super happy recording from the EP I’m doing at the moment with Joe Allan (Sketchead). Check it out!

I can’t wait to get it all finished and released for everyone to hear as he’s got some real special stuff to show you guys.

Stay tuned.

Perfect chill out doing coursework tunes #thesmiths

Finished recording this a month or so ago with Spitfire Hostels - give it a listen! Blinding vocal from Immy Williams too!

Hannah D'Arcy - Probably Hormonal (Tune Army Review)

Thanks to Tune Army for this mint review of Hannah D’arcy’s Probably Hormonal EP we worked on back in October/November!


Check out the EP here -

This is a teaser from Spitfire Hostels’ upcoming EP coming out in the new year.

Check it out!

and check them out

peaceout ///////

Sketchead (Joe Allan) recorded this on his MacBook’s mic last night and then sent it over to me for mixing! Check it out…

Its a really good Christmas song, basically a list of things everyone can relate to at christmas.

Check out his page -